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Bike Racks and Stands

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Dim Racks offers a simple and effective solution for bike parking and storage.

Why to choose bike rack ?

  •  Bike racks and stands offer top security.
  •  We use high quality materials.
  •  Our racks sport a simple yet sturdy design.
  •  We are diligent in the production process and testing.
  •  Our products are manufactured in the EU according to all standards.
  •  We offer customization and are ready to meet your specific needs.
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Bicycle rack

Where can I install a cycle rack?

Everywhere You want! Outdoor or indoor!

At your workplace and office: Our bike racks can be fitted both inside and outside on most premises. It allows staff, visitors and customers the opportunity to park bicycles safely.

At your home: If you lack dedicated storage for your bicycle or need to optimize the space at your home a bike stand could help you out. Bike storage racks are also excellent for large blocks of flats with a lot of residents who need to store their bikes.

At public places and institutions: Cyckle racks are perfect solution for public building and institution. These venues are often frequented by citizen and are harder to get to by car or public transport. A bicycle rack could improve accessibility in this case.

Why invest in bike racks and stands?

As cycling is growing more popular the issue of security is also becoming more eminent. Bike riders demand reassurance that their bikes are safe when parked. This alleviates their stress and makes them more focused on the task at hand. In this way, setting up a bike rack could have a positive impact on your business, school and surroundings. 

Bike racks and shelters are also a sound strategic and ecological investment. They promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage employees, costumers and students to be more active.

Investing in a cycling rack at you workplace could:

  •  Stimulate physical activity.
  •  Improve employee productivity.
  •  Attract customers on bicycles.
  •  Lower air pollution.
  •  Reduce the need for car parking as a result of more bike users

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