Bike Parking Tips

 Bike parking rack but why? Riding a bike is a great way to keep active or to commute around the city. However, proper bike parking is something a lot of cyclists underestimate. This drastically increases the chance of your bike being stolen.

Here are some good bike parking practices that could save you a lot of trouble:

  • Location

Choosing a proper location when you park a bike is key. The location should preferably be lively with a lot of people passing by. In this way, if somebody tries to steal your bike there is chance somebody will notice it. A guarded are would be even better. The location should also be well-lit if you have parked during night hours. For long term parking don’t park your bike inside a yard. Somebody could lift your bike over the fence and run away with it.

  • Visibility

It is always a benefit if have eye contact with your parked bike, especially for short term parking. Oftentimes bike users park their bikes carelessly when they enter a shop thinking it won’t take long. Thieves know this and keep a close eye on shops’ parking spots. So you also keep your eyes on your bike.

  • Locking point

If you park for more than a few moments you need to lock your bike. You want to lock your bike to a sturdy parking rack or stand fixed to the ground or a building. Locking your parked bike to a pole or weak wire fence is a bad idea! It is easy for somebody to cut a wire or lift a bike over a short pole.

  • Locking device

Just as important is the locking device you use especially for longer-term parking. The chain should be sturdy and should be able to lock both your bike tire and bike frame. Most modern bikes have a mechanism for quick removal of tires. So locking only your tire neutralizes the locking mechanism. If you can’t lock your frame and tire at the same time, consider using more than one lock or chain.     

  • Position 

When parking your bike it is a good idea to secure your front wheel. This prevents the bike from moving or falling which could damage it.

  • Sheltering

If you haven’t parked your bike under a roof or shelter, at least try to cover it with nylon cover. Exposing your bike to bad weather conditions could form rust and damage it!

Bike parking rack

bike racks floor mounted

This information may seem overwhelming but investing in a quality bike parking rack could address most of these issues. We at DimRacks design our bike racks with these questions in mind. That’s why you could install our products anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, under shelters or in the open. This is possible because the materials used in our products are weather-resistant. So what’s left is to select the best location according to the given tips. In this way, your bike will be safe and secure where and when you park it.

While this sounds like an extra investment, it could save you a lot of trouble and money for you, your colleagues and costumers. Buying a new bike just to be stolen because it was not secured by a good lock or to a proper bike rack is an unnecessary risk.

And in fact, buying a new bike parking rack shouldn’t be a huge investment. For example, DimRacks aims to bring its production expenses to a minimum. This amounts to the competitive prices of our products. Yet, we don’t make a compromise with the quality! On top of that, we prepare special offers according to the purchased quantity which could reduce the price even more.

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