Bicycle Racks, Wall and Floor Mounted and Bike racks and stands

Bicycle racks, Wall and Floor Mounted and Bike racks and stands?  The popularity of cycling isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon
 The bicycle rack is an easy way of making sure you can provide a convenient and secure place for cyclists to lock up their bikes, whether that’s 3 cyclists or 100.

Bicylce racks, Floor mounted bike rack with competitive quantity discounts, a cost effective choice for anyone looking to increase their bike storage capacity.

This includes environments such as:

  • Housing developments
  • Offices
  • Schools and colleges
  • Coffee bars
  • Stairwell
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Other Outside place (waterproof material)
Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks for garage (floor mounted bike racks) allows to fix the bicycles by placing the wheel in the slot, so that the bicycle does not fall. Includes equipment for mounting and fixing the bike rack. Arriving ready for use, you can bolt the rack to the floor to maximise security and secure it in place for easy use. It locks all tyres securely, including mountain bikes, and the rack can be accessed from both sides, depending on where you install it. For all users, it’s easy to slide your bike in and lock it up.

  • Easy to install and will last for years.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Keep the bike upright with heavy, steel tubes. 
As it’s rust-proof, the rack will provide suitable storage for bicycles for a long time.
To provide a suitable place for many to secure these bikes easily, order floor mounted bicycle racks today.

Actually, bike parking is not quite that simple.

The bicycle racks (for garage) is space saving and lightweight item, easy to use and clean, and suitable for holding  ikes securely in space efficient way. Provides a safe & secure locking point to guard your bike against theft. If your family loves to cycle, then keeping their bikes safe is a priority. Keep bicycles secure using this Three Rack Floor. Ideal for the garage, the rack can be fixed so you can add a lock when not in use. The visibility of the bike rack, adequate spacing from automobile parking and pedestrian traffic, weather coverage, and proximity to destinations are all important factors determining usefulness of a bicycle rack.